₹1 Diwali Dash Sale

Win OnePlus 3, gear and accessories for just ₹ 1
Oct 24-26: 12PM, 4PM, 8PM (IST)

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Oct 24-26

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  • Winners
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  • Game Rules


Refresh Congratulations to these winners of the OnePlus 3! List updated after each Dash Session.

There are no winners yet.

Game Rules

  • The Dash sessions takes place at 12PM, 4PM and 8PM (IST) each day during Oct 24-26.
  • To participate in the Diwali Dash Sale, complete the Entry Challenge beforehand.
  • At the beginning of each Dash session, a batch of ₹ 1 Mystery Boxes are released through a lucky draw. The Dash session ends when all Boxes are exhausted.
  • You may keep drawing until you draw a Box, or until all Boxes are taken. There is a brief cool-down period after each draw. Each OnePlus Account is eligible to receive a maximum of one Box only.
  • Contents of the Box are revealed once you complete your payment of ₹ 1. Unpaid for Boxes expire after three hours.


  • Your chances of drawing a Box depends on your Dash Level.
  • Level up by registering your OnePlus devices, successfully inviting friends to sign up, or purchasing from the OnePlus Store (India).
  • Entry Challenge, Dash Level and payment statuses may take up to 5 minutes to be updated - try refreshing your browser at timely intervals.
  • Possible contents of the Box depend on event participation levels. Share the event page on social media to expand the prize pool!

Terms and Conditions

  • For products sold at ₹ 1 during the Diwali Dash Sale, oneplusstore.in return policy is not applicable.
  • OnePlus & Mobitech Creations reserve the right of final decision on the interpretation of these Rules. Collected data may be used at oneplusstore.in or oneplus.net.


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